Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age group of most of your students?

Primarily, our students range between the late 40’s to early 60’s. However, we have both younger couples in their 20’s and a few individuals in their 70’s that regularly attend classes.

How many students are in each class?

Most classes have a minimum of 3 couples and a maximum of 6 couples enrolled. If the number of couples is higher, a 2nd teacher is present to assist the class.

How long is a dance class?

All dance classes, whether group or private, are 45 minutes in length.

Do I need a partner?

Yes. Ballroom dancing is a partnership activity. In some instances, we can find a suitable partner for a single, but we prefer that you find a partner that you already know and with whom you enjoy spending time.

How many lessons does it take to learn a dance for a special event like a wedding or class reunion?

Usually, 3 or 4 private lessons will prepare a couple for a special event.

What should I wear to my dance class?

Ladies should wear skirts, dresses, or slacks that provide easy movement. Men should wear button down shirts or polo shirts with a collar and dress slacks or dockers. Neither men nor women should wear jeans or t-shirts.

Do I need to purchase special dance shoes?

When beginning dance classes, special shoes are not required. Women and men should wear dress shoes that will easily slide on a wooden dance floor. When possible, both should refrain from wearing rubber soles or sneakers. In the case of inclement weather, a pair of dry shoes for dance classes is appreciated.

How much dance experience do I need to join a dance class?

You do not need any experience to start dance classes. We offer classes from the easiest “Never Danced Before” to advanced classes and private lessons. If you have had dance lessons before, we can usually start you at the level you finished at even if you took classes at another dance studio.

Do I need to change partners in your dance classes?

Some dance studios require regular partner changing. At Sherry Lynn’s we rarely change partners. We want our students to get used to dancing with their special someone, since this is whom they will dance with the most. On rare occasion, we may have one student help another student.

How many lessons will it take to become a good dancer?

Only you can decide how good you want to be as a dancer. Dancing is something that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Many of our students take lessons for years and enjoy many special events just for them.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes. We sell gift certificates in any dollar amount.