Healthy Benefits of Ballroom Dancing emphasized at Sherry Lynn’s.
Sherry Lynn’s offers private and group instruction, weekly dance parties special events, birthday parties, Zumba classes and more.

I. Are you looking for improved posture, balance, flexibility and increased leg strength?

In Ballroom Dancing breathing and proper stance is a must.  At Sherry Lynn’s dance exercises set to music encourage body control, balance, and core strengthening.  Try Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot. These dances require stretching while learning to glide to beautiful, dramatic and happy music.

II. Are you looking to lose weight, have fun and enjoy music?

Try Swing, Cha Cha, Hustle, and Salsa. You’ll be burning 5-10 calories per minute and be inspired by the heart pounding rhythms.  These dance styles as well as Polka and Jitterbug are taught at Sherry Lynn’s. Sherry Lynn’s specializes in advance patterns and tricks in both dances.

III. Have you always thought that a personal trainer is the only way to motivate you to exercise?

In Ballroom Dancing your partner is your trainer because you cannot stop dancing until your partner stops dancing. Like they say, it takes two to Tango.

IV. Are you just looking for conditioning?

Ballroom Dancing although not the same type of exercise regime as going to the gym, with 3 or 4 30-45 minute sessions per week you can gain the same benefits without ever realizing you are exercising.  All Classes at Sherry Lynn’s are 45 minutes in length. Just enough time to fit them into your schedule; and you can schedule them at your convenience. Each weekly class can be scheduled at a different time.

V. Do you tire easily and want to improve your stamina and endurance overall?

No problem when a good song is on you will dance with your partner until the song or songs come to an end. Most songs are at least 3 minutes in length.  Sherry Lynn’s offers two weekly dance parties where fast and slow dance styles are alternated for over one to two hours at a time giving dancers the opportunity to practice and achieve unrecognizable fitness benefits.

VI. Are you forgetful and want to improve your memory?

In Ballroom Dancing steps, sequences and routines are used to instill learning and ease of use. At Sherry Lynn’s students are given DVD’s to watch at home in addition to classes.  Students are also encouraged to video segments of their lessons to be watched and studied at home. Weekly classes are also posted on their web site for students to view.

VII. Are your reflexes and coordination not what they used to be?
Learning to lead in ballroom dancing and to respond to quick or slow movements trains the mind and body to work together more effectively.  Through repetition and practice Sherry Lynn’s teaches students to move together as one unit using timing and dance sequences to make an attractive appearance on the dance floor.

VIII. Are you worried about Osteoarthritis? Does it run in your family?

Ballroom dancing is a weight bearing activity and can help maintain bone density as partners apply forward pressure on each other to create a smooth partnership.

IX. What are the benefits of taking dance lessons? Do I really need them to achieve health, aerobic and weight loss benefits?

Good dancing with proper leading and timing is essential to achieving the health and fitness benefits associated with ballroom dancing.  Without proper instruction many things can go wrong and cause injury instead of benefit.  Dancing with a partner is more than just the man turning the lady over and over again.  At Sherry Lynn’s we emphasize tone not pulling your partner off balance.  We emphasize leading through the body not twisting wrists, arms, and shoulders.  With proper training in frame and dance hold no one will ever be stepped on or in pain.

X. Are you looking to enhance a romantic relationship or to start a new one?

Try ballroom dancing at a dance studio like Sherry Lynn’s. When all participants are dancing the same way an aura of elegance appears like nowhere else. In an environment where few people understand the skills required to do ballroom dancing bumping into people and stepping on toes runs rampant.  Valentine’s Day is coming up ask to learn the Bolero. It may be the most romantic dance you will ever experience. It is Sherry Lynn’s personal favorite to dance and to teach. “Thinking Out Loud” Is a current favorite of brides and grooms.  If you are getting married this year ask to learn the nightclub two step, and no it is not a country dance. It is the best dance to any current slow song.

Above all. Take A chance. What are you waiting for?
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