Upon walking into our reception, the flow of the music fit perfectly with our routine. It was one of the most unforgettable three and a half minutes of our lives. We cannot thank you enough for all of your time, dedication and constant feedback in making our wedding day absolutely perfect!
Walt & Nicole Kalista
I just wanted to thank you for making our first dance together as husband and wife such a memorable one (not only for us but for everyone watching it!) We started out with very little knowledge about dancing, but in the end, the final product was polished. And we had a lot of fun learning it. Our time at lessons and the time we spent practicing was just more time that we got to spend together. Thanks for all of your time, patience, and help. We plan to continue dancing for the rest of our lives together.
Charlene and Chad Smith
Thank you for choreographing our first dance. It was one of the most memorable moments of the day, and the audience was completely surprised and delighted. We loved working with you!
Pamela Rogers & Steve Whitlinger
Read this before you get married!!

I have always dreamed of getting married and how beautiful it would be and how happy I would be as the bride. I knew all of my friends and family would be so happy for me too.

The reason I am telling you this story is that I finally went to my first wedding reception this past weekend. When I walked into the reception hall everything was so beautiful. The colors were cream and powder blue. Everything matched down to the napkins. I began to wonder what the bride and groom would look like when they danced.

As the night went on I watched everyone as they danced. There were a lot of people that looked down right funny and had no idea what they were doing. Then there were some people who looked so good that they could have been professionals. I just assumed that they had dance lessons before.

At last it was time for the bride and groom to dance, front and center with all eyes on them. Almost as soon as the song began they were "off to see the wizard." The groom looked just like the tin man and the bride looked like the tin woman. They were so stiff and clumsy. They had no clue how silly they looked in their gorgeous clothes on the most beautiful day of their life dancing so badly. I was truly disappointed.

You see, I am a student intern at Sherry Lynn's. Every day I watch as brides and grooms learn to dance for their weddings. Couples pick a special song and Sherry Lynn makes them into Cinderella and Prince Charming. Every couple always looks good sometimes after only one lesson. Sherry Lynn has been teaching couples to dance for their weddings for 20 years. She is caring, experienced, friendly, and just plain fun.

As you plan for your special day take some time to remember how you felt when you first heard your special song. Show your love for each other and DANCE. These few minutes of your life will mean more to you than pretty napkins and flowers. Call Sherry Lynn today......I will when I get married.
Jackie Carter
Thank you for helping (us out) on our special day. This will always be our song and a dance we will dance till we can't anymore.
Travis & Brittany Rusko
Thanks so much for all your help (and patience) choreographing our 1st dance. It turned out beautifully. We got so many compliments on it.
Melissa & Bob Viscount